The village of Strojna

Mountains where Strojna is located are the outgrowth of the Central Alps and extend from the Suhi vrh and all the way to the border with Austria. The mountain village of the same name with scattered farms is famous for steep slopes, where working in the fields and pastures is a hard daily work. Due to poor accessibility, steep slopes, self-sufficient farms and tradition of surviving from its own work on farms, the village has kept its identity and the rural way of life over the centuries.

Bright spots over the last decades of development were the construction of an accessible school from Ravne (1974), the construction of a school (1983) and the project of reconstruction and development of village Strojna – Measure 322. Thus the frontage implementation of renovated school in the village center with a lively fresh wood represents youth, while some centuries old wood with its gray tone gives a deep, simple serenity, which we see is even more appreciated by those who come from the wild urban, gray business world.